Chicago Dog Walking

Chicago Dog Walking, Dog Walkers, Pet Sitting, Pet Sitters. Pet Vacation Care. In Home Vacation Care. Low Rates, flexible scheduling.

Chicago Illinois 60641 USA

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Chicago Dog Walking, Pet Sitting. Pet Vacation Care. In Home Vacation Care. Low Rates, flexible scheduling.

Chicago Illinois 60641 USA

Here are a few brief descriptions of the services available to you. Also, we are available to discuss any special needs you may have and to put together a custom service plan appropriate for those needs.

Pet Care

No matter whether you have a cat, dog, fish, bird, or other animal, there are many benefits to having your pets stay in the same environment that they have become comfortable and familiar with. Leaving your pets at home in the care of a professionally trained home/pet sitter reduces their stress and eliminates any trauma and the potential exposure to diseases and parasites that may be found in kennels.

Your pets will be happier and more contented, especially when they are waiting at the door upon your arrival. Our service staff are bonded and insured professionals who are trained in providing the ultimate in care for your family pets.


Dog Walking


If you are gone during the day, and need someone to walk your dog (s), we will do it for you.  Walks are available once, twice or three times a day depending upon your desires, schedule, and your pet’s needs.

Home Sitting & Security Checks

We all know that your home is your castle, so we will visit it as often as you wish to maintain and ensure the security and protection of your property. During each visit a thorough interior and exterior security check are conducted.

The Exterior checks ensure that the doors and windows of the house, garage, sheds, vehicles and other property is secure from the outside. The interior checks are more comprehensive and include inspections of such things as the heating system, plumbing, fridges, freezers, etc. Since the security of your home is of the utmost importance to both you and us, we take several steps during each visit to ensure its security and give your home and property a "lived-in look".

A cluttered and full mail box with flyers falling out onto the ground is an invitation to those with criminal intent, as well as a dead giveaway that your home is unoccupied. having your mail box emptied shortly after the mailman or paper boy delivers will give your home that lived-in look and makes sure that your important mail is not lost or misplaced.

Plant Care

Keeping both your indoor and outdoor plants alive and healthy while you're away is very important to us. We can handle of all your plant care needs.

Yard Care

If you have a well maintained yard, it will leave the impression that your home is occupied, and will significantly reduce the risk of theft, damage or a break-in of your home or property. During the winter, the removal of snow provides the same safety and security.

Quick Sit Service

If you travel often, and/or with little or no notice, our Quick Sit Service is for you!!  We will keep a copy of your key secured and locked. No prior reservations or scheduling are required for service.  Simply pick up the phone and call us, or email us no less than 12 hours before leaving and we will handle the rest. 

Cancelations (does not apply to daily dog walking) Please see our "faqs" page for details

While no deposit is required to book/reserve service. A fee of 50% of your requested/booked service will be billed if reservation is canceled for reasons other than a full cancelation of your trip or your trip is canceled due to illness. A reservation will be considered "confirmed" or "booked" when you have requested and agreed to service on specific dates or for a specific time period and Pet Pros Plus has responded and confirmed your reservation. There is no charge to reschedule or change your reservation. Pet Pros Plus reserves the right to change or modify these and any/all other terms at any time. Unpaid charges will be subject to collection actions. Waiver of the cancelation fee is at the sole discretion of Pet Pros Plus.

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